Chedabucto Ed Centre/Guysborough Academy in Guysborough-Nova Scotia

Chedabucto Ed Centre/Guysborough Academy History | Ranking | Tuition fee | Enrollment/registration | Contacts

Chedabucto Ed Centre/Guysborough Academy is one of the best Schools in Nova Scotia, located at 27 Green St, B0H 1N0, Guysborough Canada.

School History

Since Chedabucto Ed Centre/Guysborough Academy started taking students in all School grades, within few years students from neighbouring schools around Guysborough started flocking in. The school building has the capacity to enrol students from Grade PP up to Grade 12.

After growing and educating the students for several decades, Chedabucto Ed Centre/Guysborough Academy’s current shape, infrastructure and administration has a decent enrollment for your student to be catered for. 


Chedabucto Ed Centre/Guysborough Academy does not only hold good values in high regards but also excels in educating the students and competing with other fellow Schools within Guysborough. It ranks better than 12% of schools in Guysborough and better than 38% schools in Nova Scotia according to report. The school scores a great average ranking at city level as well as provincial level.

Tuition fee

The fee structure from PP-12th grade can be found on the school website.


All the details of enrollment and registration of grade – are also available on the Chedabucto Ed Centre/Guysborough Academy website. Feel free to look up the websites and contact us.

Chedabucto Ed Centre/Guysborough Academy Staff

Chedabucto Ed Centre/Guysborough Academy is under a very friendly person, The Principal: Barbara Avery, and a supportive, educated and devoted team.

Contact detail

Chedabucto Ed Centre/Guysborough Academy contact details are listed below:

  • School Address: 27 Green St, Guysborough, B0H 1N0.
  • Phone: 902-533-4006
  • e-Mail:
  • Website:

Parents and guardians are welcomed to contact the school regarding any query.

General Supply list for Kindergarten

  • 2 boxes Crayola broad line washable markers (10/pack, classic colours)
  • 1 box Crayons – Crayola, 24 pk 4 glue Sticks – 40g (large) (Please no Staples brand)
  • 1 bottle white liquid glue
  • 1 black sharpie-fine point
  • 1 pkg Ticongeroga HB pencils (sharpened)
  • 6 Expo dry erase markers (black only, fine tip)
  • 4 duo-tangs (not plastic or patterned)
  • 1 each in red, yellow, green, blue
  • 3 plain Hilroy exercise books (light blue cover)
  • 1 Winnable brand backpack pouch (Staples item 187899)
  • 1 scissors – child-sized, blunt tip (not safety)
  • 1 washable paint palette – Crayola
  • 1 pair of running shoes with non-marking soles to keep at school. Please select runners that your child can do up independently.
  • 1 complete change of clothes in a ziplock bag labelled with your child’s name (socks, underwear, pants, t-shirt)
  • 1 backpack for carrying items to and from school – no rolling cases
  • 1 pencil box, plastic, 5”x8”, only
  • 1 lunch kit and water bottle
  • 1 Box of Kleenex

NOTE: There may be additional supplies requested by the teacher once your child is assigned to a class. The cost will be minimal.



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