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Welcome to Rietenbosch Primere Skool, the first school choice on your new learning journey. Out of all good Primary School schools in Western Cape, this school is worth a mention.

Perhaps you have just moved to Stellenbosch-Cloetesville surrounding areas and need information on registering a new student, Rietenbosch Primere Skool is your option with great reviews and ratings.

To help make your decision easier, here are few quick things to know: The principal R.B. Van Rooyen, 35 teachers and 986 learners have great academic, socio-economic, and cultural diversity.

Ratings & Reviews

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Note:  All details about Rietenbosch Primere Skool are as per The Department of Education. To request changes, please click here.

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We assist & forward details to desired schools for parents/guardians experiencing difficulties.

Rietenbosch Primere Skool history

Rietenbosch Primere Skool academic results consistently maintain good national achievements, but there’s so much more than a good academic record.

Since the school opened the doors, it has been a place where all students in Western Cape and beyond, can call home as it celebrate and embrace ethnic and cultural diversity.

Rietenbosch Primere Skool details

EMIS/NATEMIS Number for Rietenbosch Primere Skool is 109322199, and the school specialisation is .

  • Teachers: 35
  • Learners:
  • Physical Address: Langstraat 90 Cloetesville Stellenbosch
  • Local Municipality: Stellenbosch
  • City: Stellenbosch
  • Province: Western Cape

Contact details

The principal of Rietenbosch Primere Skool R.B. Van Rooyen and the admin team are very easy to talk to, you can either visit the school, call or send a message.

  • Phone: 0218895518
  • Physical Address: Langstraat 90
  • Postal Address: Posbus 692, Cloetesville, 7600
  • Village:
  • Suburb: Cloetesville

Rietenbosch Primere Skool fees

For application fees or registration fees at Rietenbosch Primere Skool, the principal R.B. Van Rooyen has all the information readily available. A Public Rural school will always have other fees payable for certain activities.

Rietenbosch Primere Skool uniform policy

The correct Rietenbosch Primere Skool uniform is to be worn at all times, the school expects all students to take pride in their appearance and to dress neatly at all times.

Shoes should be kept clean and regularly polished. Bare feet are not permitted at any level for health and safety reasons.

List of teachers & staff

The list of Rietenbosch Primere Skool teachers is made up of suitable educators with great academic achievements. They encourage students to be curious and creative thinkers who respect themselves and others.

  • Principal: R.B. Van Rooyen
  • Teachers:

Rietenbosch Primere Skool pass rate

Behind the statistics and results, each child has a unique story. Rietenbosch Primere Skool multiple accolades and exceptional ratings are from the community

Rietenbosch Primere Skool pleasing pass rate is possible by a dedicated team of teachers, the principal, and extra staff.

Rietenbosch Primere Skool stationery list

If you don’t see a school supply list here, it is likely that the teacher for your grade has the list.

Order online for peace of mind and convenience. Upload Rietenbosch Primere Skool stationery list to, for delivery to your door or to school.

School calendar

For Rietenbosch Primere Skool calendar and term dates, or to find when will Rietenbosch Primere Skool open or close, please download the school calendar printable pdf.

Learners test questions and answers or k53 pdf

Students (if not parents) might have to get a driver’s license at some point, you can download K53 pdf learners test questions and answers that are easy to print and practice at any time.

Please note that both Code 8 and Code 10 learn the same road signs, it’s only the controls and parking that differs a little.

Rietenbosch Primere Skool website & online platforms

For social media platforms, websites, and online registration forms, you might have to visit the school directly.

Note that this is not an official school webpage and we advice guardians to visit the school for more information.

Rietenbosch Primere Skool news & helpful Links

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