Mbangamao Secondary School in Mbangamao-Tanzania

Matokeo ya kidato cha pili, cha nne, cha sita, mawasiliano na usajili

It is that time of the year when parents look for the best secondary school in Tanzania. Let’s face it, looking for a new school is never an easy task, more so to view the results for form TWO, form Four, or form SIX.

Here are Two helpful TIPS before you enroll or view results for Mbangamao secondary school.

Application | Matumizi rahisi

You might have recently moved to Mbangamao and looking for a secondary school or primary school, Ruvuma has plenty of great and successful schools like Mbangamao and you don’t need to look any further.

Mbangamao school has a respectable and stellar rank among public schools in Ruvuma. As with all schools in Tanzania, parents wanting to apply at this school must register for placement within Mbangamao school website, but it is better to visit the school in person.

Shule ya Mbangamao ina hadhi ya heshima na ya kupendeza kati ya shule za umma huko Ruvuma. Kama ilivyo kwa shule zote nchini Tanzania, wazazi wanaotaka kuomba katika shule hii lazima wajiandikishe kwa kuwekwa ndani ya wavuti ya shule ya Mbangamao, lakini ni bora kutembelea shule hiyo kwa ana.

To View Mbangamao school results

Mbangamao school has a respectable and stellar rank among public schools in the region of Ruvuma.

The School Direct team surveyed few parents from this school and found that: Timu ya School Direct ilichunguza wazazi wachache kutoka shule hii na kugundua kuwa:

  1. 14% reported that they were satisfied with the education their child was receiving.
  2. 24% stated that the school offers a wide and enough variety of programs, classes, and activities to keep their child interested in school.
  3. With an increased pass rate of 14%, parents seem to think the school is great for their kids all-around academically and socially.

Matokeo ya shule ya Mbangamao 2021/2022

NECTA Results | PSLE Results | FTNA Results

Mbangamao Secondary School monitors learners’ progress and has a robust performance management process, as well as driving programs geared towards students with learning difficulties.

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