Norcot Early Years Centre in Reading

Norcot Early Years Centre: Captivating families across Reading with its ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating

Founded and based in Reading, Norcot Early Years Centre is a Mixed Nursery school located in 82 Lyndhurst Road, Tilehurst, Reading. Taking a mixed range of pupils aged 3 to 5, this institution is a prestigious academy.

With the principal aim being to maximise the success and wellbeing of its students by providing excellent facilities and capable staff members, Norcot Early Years Centre strives to prepare every single one of its students for the roles they will take up later on in life.

Registration and Admissions

If indeed you would like to register at Norcot Early Years Centre, you must apply under the coordinated admissions arrangements conducted by your child’s home Local Authority, in this case Reading. This Local authority nursery school take students from the age of 3 regardless* of aptitude or academic ability, although the number of places in September will be limited, and you need to bear the tuition fees in mind too.

Norcot Early Years Centre Ofsted & Ratings

Norcot Early Years Centre Ofsted reports are outstanding, impressive exam results, and an array of recommendations by parents, you might wish to send your child to attend this academy. On the link, you can find reports for schools, colleges, childminders, nurseries, children’s homes and more in UK.

Norcot Early Years Centre Headteacher

Perfectly led by Miss. Diana Heath, the headmaster who leads by example. Norcot Early Years Centre recruits outstanding staff members professionally trained to educate the young minds of the future.


This school recruits well-trained staff members and the team includes Year Managers for each year, together, these Key Stage teams along with a range of subject teachers work collaboratively to make Norcot Early Years Centre hit those exceptional educational standards.

Norcot Early Years Centre Subjects

The school treats each child as an individual and celebrates the unique differences of the students. Numeracy and Literacy are taught for at least an hour each day, as well as a full curriculum of subjects.

Norcot Early Years Centre Contacts

If you’re interested in contacting the school for more information about how they could facilitate your child’s learning, there are several approaches you could take.


With examinations being notoriously part of school life at the end of the academic year, you can find out more information on the examination procedures and candidate information with a range of downloadable documents on the Norcot Early Years Centre website. For more on UK Exams can be found by a simple click.

Norcot Early Years Centre Uniform

The correct Norcot Early Years Centre uniform is to be worn at all times, the school expects all students to take pride in their appearance and to dress neatly at all times. Shoes should be kept clean and regularly polished. Bare feet are not permitted at any level for health and safety reasons.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a new school that will give your children the best start to their academic career, Norcot Early Years Centre is certainly a trustworthy choice.

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